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The Russian circus as you have never seen!

  • With: Ferdinando D’Andria e Maila Sparapani
  • Artistic collaboration: Carlo Boso
  • Sound and light design: Federico Cibin
  • Scenography: Ferdinando D’Andria
  • Directed by: Luca Domenicali
  • Photos: Elisa Cerè, Aris Gambino, Andrea Macchia, Simone Mondino, Luca Bolognese
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Recommended to: tout public (all of ages)
  • Circus techniques: juggling, unicycle, trapeze, aerial silk
  • Musical instruments used: sing, accordion, violin, trumpet, balalaika, double bass, tambourin and other several percussions instuments
  • Production: Compagnia Nando e Maila ETS
  • With the support of: Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali

KALINKA is a show in which musical eclecticism and circus joins with gags, improvisation, comic spontaneity and carefully planned effects. Maskerpa, an improbable theatrical manager, presents the self-styled Russian artist Maila Zirovna, who disinterestedly plays the show until, impetuously, claims his leading role bringing to life a rich gallery of characters, musical instruments, melodies, and eccentric gags. The number of musical instruments with which Nando and Maila use during the show is incredible: violin, trumpet, accordion, balalaika, tambourines, percussion of every type and prodigious use of the voice. But even more incredibly, all this is mixed together with funny dances, juggling, monocycle, amongst music and song of several genre, time and place. KALINKA transports the audience in an amazing games, poetic and refined where the same is asked to participate musically and comically.

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Scenic Space

  • The show is representable indoor (theatre, auditorium, etc.) or open air (square, courtyard).
  • The company has a self-supporting structure that requires a stage or a flat performing area of 8 x 8 meters and a 5,10 meters minimum height over the stage. In case of different dimension or not perfectly flat show area (grass, stones etc.) please contact the company. In case the show will be represented on a stage we need an access by a frontal staircase (possibly in the middle). In case of representation open air by night we recommend to turn off the public illumination over the stage area.
  • In the case of open air show especially without stage, if it’s possible, the company requires some barriers to delimit the show area.
  • We recommend (if it’s possible) to put chairs and/or carpets to accomodate the audience to watch the show.
  • For the best result of the show, we recommend too (if it’s possible) to don’t place the show in a notoriously very windy zone and on a very hot sunny performing time.
  • Above all the company reserves the right to assess on site whether the safety and weather conditions are suitable for the performance of the show.

Electrical Load

The company has own light and sound equipment that requires two power plug 220V/16A CEE on two different phases or 380V/16-32A CEE (power charge 4 Kw). The company needs an access near the stage area for a camping-car (length 6,90 m. / width 2,30 m. / height 3,10 m.).

The company use a fog machine, therefore in case of indoor show the host needs to turn off the fireproof alarm during the show.


The company will begin assembling about 6 hours before the show time, included the time for the sound check. The dismantling time is approximately 2 hours. Please note that we need to do the sound check (maximum duration estimated 1 hour) so pay attention by planning other shows in the same area.

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La Libertà (quotidiano di Piacenza)

Vigolzone (PC), 25 Agosto 2015
“Nando e Maila: circo, teatro e ironia. Lultimaprovincia: a Vigolzone acrobazie, divertenti gag e canzoni…”

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Molfetta (BA), 30 Maggio 2011
“Nando e Maila costituiscono una coppia bene assortita e che ha del felliniano; a parte invertite, avendo a mente ‘La strada’, potrebbero essere lui Gelsomina e lei lo Zampanò della situazione.”

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La Nuova Gazzetta di Modena

Pavullo nel Frignano (MO), 11 Agosto 2010
“Nando e Maila: un successone a Pavullo…”

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La Nuova Sardegna

Irgoli (NU), 17 Settembre 2009
“Irgoli, il teatro scende in strada…”

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Pont L’Abbe, Lundi 26 Janvier 2009
“Nando et Maila ont d’abord fait le cirque…”

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Vaucluse Matin

Avignone, Jeudi 17 Juillet 2008
“Théâtre sans frontières…”

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La Libertà (quotidiano di Piacenza)

Fiorenzuola, Domenica 28 Agosto 2005, Rassegna “L’ultima provincia”
“Al buffo circo di Nando e Maila. Gags accompagnate da musiche di tutto il mondo…”

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L’Eco di Bergamo (quotidiano di Bergamo)

Parco Sant’Agostino, Bergamo 11 Agosto, 2005
“Nando e Maila, che cabaret. «Vanjuska Moj» ha concluso nel segno di comicità e clownerie la rassegna «Eccentrici»…”

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Il Resto del Carlino

Modena, 12 Maggio 2005: FESTIVAL “Il Cabaret Emergente”
“Che fatica fare il comico. E ora vince l’acrobazia. Sul podio anche Nando e Maila (attori musicisti bolognesi)…”

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Welfare Cremona: punto laico di informazione e di impegno sociale

Festa Unità 2004, Cremona 14 Luglio, 2004
“Nando e Maila in una serata a Babylonia. Musicisti dalle mille abilità strumentali…”

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