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Sonata per tubi


Classical arias music for unusual instruments

  • By and with: Ferdinando D’Andria, Maila Sparapani, Marilù D’Andria
  • Assistance during production: Marta Dalla Via, Federico Cibin
  • Sound and light design: Federico Cibin
  • Set design: Ferdinando D’Andria
  • Assistance for circus techniques and acrobatics: Riccardo Massidda, Gaby Corbo
  • Artistic residences: Festival Mirabilia, Teatro dell’Argine, CLAPS
  • International residence: Eje Producciones culturales (Leòn – Spagna)
  • Duration: 60 minuti
  • Adapt for: Tout Public (all ages)
  • Circus techniques:  Chines pole, Acrobatic, Juggling
  • Musical instrumens: double bass tube, cello tube, violin, Mini-tube, Club sax, (Musical diabolo) Diabolophone, hula-hoop horn, amplified chinese pole, (Bass drum stage) Amplified stage
  • Production: Compagnia Nando e Maila ETS
  • With the support of: Ministero Italiano della Cultura (MIC) and Regione Emilia Romagna
“A straightforward and vital circus, very effective in its spontaneity.” ANDREA PORCHEDDU
“The value of an art that knows how to excite us and keep us in suspense.” FIORENZA SAMMARTINO
“You’ll return back home bringing along a piece of magic.” ROSSELLA MARCHI

Unusual music, or never seen before circus? This is the Circus of Invention!

Played and sung live, Sonata per Tubi is a contemporary circus show exploring the musical potential of circus gear and other objects, turning them into musical instruments through ingenuity and the use of technology.

“Everything we touch or interact with makes a sound – the circus gear, the stage, ourselves”.

The concert begins: pieces of tubes fly over the stage, and combine into a contrabass and a cello. The music carries on, going from Rossini to Bach, Beethoven, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones and Louis Armstrong.

Then, there she is: an adolescent girl, a modern princess, upsetting every harmony. The myth of teenagers throughout the world is that of the hero; in every teenager – in their fantasies, thoughts and in the depth of their spirit – there’s the need to do something heroic, something special and outside of the norms, in order to become an adult.

The circus feeds the frenzy of the trio through counterpoint, with clubs that become saxophones and “musical” diabolos. What follows is a crescendo of polyphonic songs for three voices, of dances and tests of courage through music and circus acts, that will lead to a final ritual of passage from adolescence to adulthood. The musical clown’s pizzicato reveals the souls of the three actors whom, with a language accessible to everybody, meet and clash in the magical game of life.

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Scenic Space

  • The show lasts about 60′, and can be performed both indoors (theatres, equivalent halls, auditoriums, etc.) and outdoors in the dark.
  • Optimal stage space: 8m (L)x8m (W)x6m (H).
  • In the event that the size of the stage space is inferior to the measurements mentioned above or if the ground is not perfectly smooth or level, please contact the Company in advance
  • The show can also be performed without the round wooden stage (set design) in case of special needs.
  • In the case of an outdoor performance, it is required to have the show take place in non-windy, acoustically protected areas and to provide chairs and carpets to facilitate the best use by the public. At least 4 barriers are required to delimit the show area.
  • Access to the show venue by the company vehicle is needed for material unloading. Vehicle size: 6.90 m (L)/2.30 m (W)/3.10 m (H).
  • In any case, the company reserves the right to assess on site whether safety and weather conditions are satisfactory for the performance of the show.

Electrical requirements

The Company will use its own audio and lighting equipment. Two CEE 220V/16A sockets on two separate phases, or one CEE 380V/16A or 32A socket, are required for a total peak load of 4KW (the maximum distance between the sockets must not exceed 30 m).

A smoke machine will be used, so in the case of an indoors performance the fire-fighting system must be turned off for the duration of the show.


The company will begin assembling about 6 hours before the show time, included the time for the sound check. The dismantling time is approximately 2 hours. Please note that we need to do the sound check (maximum duration estimated 1 hour) so pay attention by planning other shows in the same area.

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